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Ibiza DJ focus | Anna Tur

Profiling an island personality.

While Anna Tur continues to make a noise on the international stage, on Ibiza she is one of the island's most recognisable DJs.

Since an early age, she has shown an unbridled joy for music. But her passions are not limited to music alone.

During International Music Summit, you can find her sitting on panels and dispensing her knowledge of island politics. However, we get much more excited seeing her behind the decks, playing a groove intensive style of tech house.

You're likely to have caught her name on some pretty big line-ups. In recent years, she has been a regular name at parties such as Music On and Vagabundos, thanks to her association with It's All About The Music.

Often, she manages to outshine the household names she's warming up for.

Anna Tur on the industry panel for The Great Annual Ibiza Debate, IMS 2019

Of course, we get the benefit of her presence all year round, not just in summer. It's the more intimate shows like Bora Bora and Octan where her style of play is best suited. Yet DJing isn't the only feather in her cap.

Media runs in Anna's blood. Her father, Joan Tur, founded Ibiza Global Radio while her mother Maribel was a radio presenter. It was destined that she would follow in their footsteps.

As Managing Director, Anna was the driving force behind the station for 16 years until her departure earlier this year - the end of an era for sure. Under her watch, Global became one of the island's leading frequencies.

The change has allowed her to reset and refocus. She has been able to give renewed attention to her record label, Illusion Music, which was started in 2016.

Although she is entering a new phase of her career, Anna's passion for broadcasting has not waned. A brand new radio show called On Air With Anna Tur was launched in mid 2020.

Part chat, partly in the mix, episodes are currently available to stream and download on various platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Podbean and Mixcloud.

Check out her tribute show to the late José Padilla below.

This coming weekend, Anna Tur takes centre stage for a very special video stream.

On Sunday 22 November from 20:00 CET, you can watch the DJ set filmed at the hills above San Lorenzo in the centre of Ibiza.

Surrounded by telecommunication towers and giving 360 degree views across the island, it's an amazing choice of spot.

Visually stunning, but also a place of personal significance to Anna herself. As a young girl, she would travel there with her father when he went to fix the masts. On a deeper level, her career has been spent in transmissions sent from them. It's sure to be an emotional rollercoaster.

We'll be crossposting on our Facebook page, so make sure you join us on the night.

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