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Cocoon Closing: Reviews, Photos and Video

Sven, Loco Dice, Ricardo, Luciano.......no adjective would do justice to a line-up of such magnitude. Check out the reviews, comments and photos of one of the biggest parties of the summer.

Colonel Kurtz

I was at the cocoon closing on monday night, we left our apartment in PDB about 1am thinking it wouldn´t be that busy early on, but how wrong we were we got out of the taxi at amnesia and the heavens opened properly for a good 30 mins and we got totally soaked and cold. After about an hours queuing we finally managed to get inside.

Now i only went to ibiza for the first time last year at the age of 37 and was totally blown away by the space opening party so my expectations reagrding amnesia and cocoon were pretty high after listening to all the hype and opinion from everybody on spotlight.

All i can say is that it far exceeded my expectations it was truly truly mind blowing, by the time we got in and got a drink or two villalobos was throwing down some serious dark and dirty house and it was fantastic, i danced for what seemed like days and can´t really tell you what time we left. But i can tell you that it was the best clubbing experience of my life And i WILL be back to do it again next year. And i'm still not back to feeling normal yet (thursday lunchtime now).

Thank you amnesia, Thank you cocoon.


It was amazing, just as spectacular as I was expecting........left about 7am but I could have easily gone on for longer, there was so much to see, so much to hear and so much dancing to be done.


although it was faaaaar too busy during the night, it was the best cocoon closing i've ever attended. the morning hours were magic. we stayed until the end (which was at 11:45am) and it was really a great closing night.


Cocoon closing party was one of the best parties ive been. 10am and the club was still rocking!

Photos by EyaL

Check out some youtube footage of the Main Room, Terrace by daylight and the afterparty at Atzaro......


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