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Review: Cuff at Sankeys Ibiza, 13th July

Getting down and dirty to the sounds of Gangster House by French DJ duo Amine Edge & Dance.

Whoever came up with the phrase “thank god it’s Friday”, clearly did not live in Ibiza. Every Monday night Sankeys is taken over by the Cuff imprint, ruled by the bosses Amine Edge and Dance, and last night we decided to take a little look for ourselves.

I always love going for a good boogie in Sankeys and I was eager to check out the buzz about residents Amine Edge and Dance and their famed blend of gangster house, and I have to say they didn’t disappoint. Entering the Basement the deep rhythmic sound of heavy bass greeted us expertly mixed in by French talent and Cuff resident Syap. All around me people were bouncing along getting sweaty to the sound of the music, donned in their fitted caps, wife beaters and sunglasses. Or in the case of a poor punter who broke her shoe, deciding it was best to take off her top, so that the security wouldn’t notice she wasn’t wearing any shoes. Excellent logic!

Soon the music made way for the main act, the French DJ duo Amine Edge and Dance took to the stage and all hands were up in the air, reveling at their signature G house sound, which can really best be described as heavy hitting house music spiced up with a dash of urban hip hop. A mix that lets you get down and dirty to the music, which was brought to a tantalizing height with a sexy sax interlude by old school legend St Germain’s What’s New.

As the Basement was getting hot and steamy, we had a quick peek in the more intimate Spektrum to catch a glimpse of Redlight who’s heavy house hitters impressed us at the opening of The Redlight earlier this season and who was once again was hitting the nail on the head. Although slightly less busy, the room held its own in energy as everyone was getting more loose as the night progressed.

Back to the main room and a hooded figure appears behind the decks, this must without a doubt be Sirus Hood, the rebellious DJ who prefers to stay in the shadows and approach music from pure passion. Although it’s the wee hours of the morning and Sirus is set to close the evening, his booty house music still has everyone spinning circles. And on that note, fully nourished with some dirty G house we skip our way out of the club and into the upcoming Ibiza sunrise.

WORDS | Maya Dupont PHOTOGRAPHY | Justin Gardner

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