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Acid House Documentary: 'High on Hope'

High on Hope is a documentary charting the legendary raves that took place in England in the 1980s, specifically near Blackburn, Lancashire.

It was a revolution, no doubt, and we're still riding the crest of the waves made by our acid house forefathers. Blackburn was one of the places making most waves and to those in the know will always be remembered as a stronghold of the acid house spirit.

We stumbled across this documentary by a chap called Piers Sanderson, which charts the scene in Blackburn, by speaking to the key players at the time and using some extremely rare footage.

As we speak, the film is unable to go to be released due to licencing problems with the soundtrack, in fact, simply that the cost of obtaining the licences for the music is prohibitive. Anyone up for a fundraiser??!

Anyway, this trailer brought a smile to my face and below you can read a recent interview with Piers Sanderson, in which he explains how the film was made. 

Interview with Piers Sanderson  - from Expletive Undeleted

High on Hope Website

More Blackburn Raves footage:

More on the Blackburn Rave Scene 1989-91 and acid house history:





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