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Closing Party Review: Music On, 28th September

Carola rolling on...

Armed with my fan I was prepared not only for the immense wall of heat that would surely face me on arrival but also for the long queue that I expected to be snaking through the car-park. To my surprise I was faced with neither and walked into the club a little confused as to where the crowd may be... I soon found them packed closely together covering each and every bit of Amnesia's dance-floor; crammed into either the terrace enjoying Leon's set or nestled into the main room listening to Mar-T's intrusive beats.

As an Amnesia resident since 1999, Mar-T is more than capable of entertaining the masses and bringing his eclectic sound to the dance-floor and last night saw the Spanish DJ wow the crowds with his energetically deep techy style which was followed by Joseph Capriati's set. Using a fusion of percussion sounds he played with rim taps, wood blocks and drum sounds throughout, even managing to incorporate some grimey Reggae when he dropped Inna Dancehall's intro into the mix. With solid bass pumping around the ground-floor level booth the main room shared the responsibility of the grand finale with it's neighbour - the terrace, and kept the crowd satisfied with its constant sexy techno swoosh.

Moving over to the other side to catch some of Leon's set I immediately heard a stronger grove bouncing out of the terrace and diced up with snippets of synths these sounds perfectly paved the way to Marco Carola's set. Similarly to Mar-T, Leon's set was packed with sections of infectious percussion sounds making the transition from room to room seamless. However, with the main room being home to a tamed wild style splashed with weird yet wonderful melodies, the slightly faster dubby sound that we heard in tracks like 'Hey Baby' by Deadmau5 & Melleefresh (Mendo Dub remix) definitely stood out from the deeper techno of the terrace.

On a little later than usual, Marco Carola began his set at 4am and kept it going with his raw and calm passion and the electricity from the crowds buzz pushed him to party on until early afternoon today. Using a lot more elements that the other sets, Carola's tracks were crammed with levels of intensity which made it near impossible to slow your dancing pace down. The arms were most definitely in the air, the feet were stomping and sweat had become everyone's friend as the tribal beats and pumping basslines of 'Candido Godoi' by Alex Marcu surged through the crowd. With Amnesia's terrace being one of the largest open rooms in an Ibizan club it was great to hear the unique echoes created from the creeping sounds in tracks like In your heart by Nicco (N.D).

Taking us all on a journey to delirium with pulsing basslines, fierce drum synths and simple yet powerful vocals, Nicole Moudaber's remix of Mazu's track 'Temple Transfer' filled the air and when paired with the 'V for Vendetta' style dancers made way for an explosion of energy amongst the clubbers. Considering that the party went on until lunchtime Carola did a great job of keeping the terrace alive making the late morning party reminiscent of Amnesia's opening fiesta. Unfortunately as the sun sneaked into our previously dark underground haven my feet couldn't take anymore and with the long road of closings that still lay ahead of me I decided to call it a night. Big high fives to all who stuck it out until the end; I think we can all count on Music On returning to the White Isle next season after an amazing first year (I hope!)... Hat's off!

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