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LGBT Trans Travelling Tips: Fetish Fun

Our intrepid correspondent Jade Buvez took an exclusive peak inside Ibiza’s leading fetish shop, Sa Majeste on Calle de la Virgen, Ibiza Town.


There isn’t a particularly overt fetish scene in Ibiza. As yet, we haven’t seen Wasteland decamp from Amsterdam or Torture Garden expand its empire to the Balearics. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time, given that so many of their regulars can be spotted on the island every summer!

Or maybe the prospect of sliding into latex by the pool doesn’t appeal, and a sign saying “strict dress code” would render any venue empty. But as dancers from Ushuaia to Supermartxe attest, chain mail, feathers, stainless steel boob tubes and leather bondage harnesses do look so marvellous under sunlight or the spotlight...

Of course, fetish lifestyle and fetish fashion are two different things. We can thank the likes of Jean-Paul Gaultier and Thierry Mugler for making it “ok” to get the hot stuff on, without having to be head for the nearest dungeon clutching a holdall.

Sa Majeste Ibiza Town Fetish Shop Trans Friendly

So whether it’s time to add a bit of extra spice in your “Café Ole”, up the kink at Kinky Malinky or maybe you have just contrived to receive an invite to a private kinky villa party, there is a store on Calle de la Virgen that can cater to your every whim.

French Ibiza veterans Patrick and Pashat, opened ‘Sa Majesté’ in 1995, committed to taking the concept of ‘Love knows no boundaries’ to new heights. This is an elite fetish shop. Clothes, accessories, ornaments, toys…their well-stocked emporium covers the full spectrum of delights and frights.

From an uber-fashion point of view, they stock a fabulous range ornate masks and diamond costumers/ accessories that demand little else should (or indeed could) be worn. If you’re not already a podium dancer, then you’d better get in training for this range.

Being a shy and retiring type, I gravitated towards their amazing range of caps - sailor, military, and police. A perfect accessory to jazz up any look whatever your gender du jour! They have also designed a great range of sexy uniforms for the boys, which would certainly cause heads to turn at Matinee and La Troya....

If you’ve got it, Ibiza is the place to flaunt it, and Patrick and Pashat have designed lovely underwear in 20th-century pin-up and can-can styles.
Leather plays an important role here, and all items are carefully chosen and designed...to work.

“All five senses are involved when it comes to sex,” says Pashat, explaining their range of oils and erotic makeup.

Meanwhile, the dazzling range of “equipment” ranging from the electronic the medieval ages is best seen than described.

Sa Majeste Ibiza Town Fetish Shop Trans Friendly

Fortunately ‘Sa Majesté’ prides itself in guaranteeing discretion and privacy, and willingly creates a private shopping experience for their customers.

When they shut down for winter they jet off to Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin in search new ideas and “innovative, amusing high-quality products.”

Pashat explains “Here we don’t judge anyone or seek to take a moral stance. We try to offer alternatives to the standard unimaginative approach. We have a little bit of everything here to help our customers achieve arousal and ecstasy.”

No further comments from the smiling Ibiza Spotlight team!

If you'd like to know more, check out Sa Majeste website.

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