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Ibiza Pilates: The Roll Down

In Week Three, Jacky Croad of Ibiza Pilates introduces us to the Roll Down; GREAT for relieving stiff backs!


Ibiza Pilates will teach you one of the best and easiest exercises for a stiff back. This exercise can be performed after getting out of bed, in the office, on an aeroplane....anywhere and at any time.

The Roll Down involves sequential flexion which in turn creates space between the vertebrae’s of the spine. It releases tension in the neck and shoulders, the spine and also works the abs and stretches the hamstrings while improving blood circulation throughout the whole body. The Roll Down also teaches you the correct way to pick something up off the floor without hurting your back. Make sure to bend the knees when lifting and breath out as you come back up to standing.


Free standing Roll Down:

(See Image above)

Stand with feet hip width apart with correct posture (previous article).

Breath in to prepare the body then breath out and start with dropping the chin to the chest and slowly roll down hanging the arms and relaxing the shoulders (imagine the arms are rag doll arms and they are just hanging there).

Roll down as far as you can go, keeping the legs straight and both feet on the floor (if you feel very stiff, use the wall)

Breathe in as you hang there and breathe out pulling the tummy in and slowly come back up to the start position making sure you use your abs to bring you up not your back!

You can do as many as you would like of these. Ibiza Pilates recommends that if you have low blood pressure you should try the Roll Down against a wall.

Roll Down using a wall:

Using a wall is a great way to gain support while you do this exercise, it gives you stability while you concentrate on the exercise you have poor balance. It is the same movement as the free standing roll down.

Find a flat wall and stand up with your back to the wall but don't press into the wall, let your spine naturally sit against it. Make sure your feet are about a foot and a half away from the wall.

When you roll down remember to keep your lower back against the wall...do not come away from the wall. As you come back up, slightly tilt the pelvis under and come back up to standing.

Roll down with wall and bent knees:

This exercise is great for stiff lower backs. It is the same movement as the Roll down using the wall but you bend your knees instead.

Remember the blood will be rushing to your head so it should feel normal for you head to feel heavier. Ibiza Pilates recommends if you feel dizzy or sick at any stage you stop the exercise immediately!

It would be very beneficial to add the Roll Down into your daily routine...I love doing this exercise on aeroplanes, after my run and when I am in the kitchen cooking...enjoy!

Author of the Ibiza Pilates Series, Jacky Croad of Ibiza Pilates UK offers quality reformer and matwork Pilates at her private and friendly studio in Santa Gertrudis town. Jacky can also travel to your villa/yacht and teach up to 7 clients with all equipment. Call direct on 0034 636 479 159 or see website link above for more details

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