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Review: Ushuaïa Ibiza closing party, 2016

Fanning the Ushuaïa flames one last time this summer

One word sprung to mind throughout the duration of Saturday night's closing extravaganza at Ushuaïa, and that word was EXHILIRATION, because absolutely everything about this fiesta was fast paced. And with the theme of the night being superheroes, three quarters of the crowd were sporting capes, masks, and any other accessories that symbolised saving the world. The entrance was transformed into a giant-sized tunnel that was billowing smoke and lasers, and inside were multiple cases made for the putting on of superhero costumes, as well as computers that looked like they'd been stolen from the set of Back To The Future.

The bopping house of Black Coffee was leaking from the venue, teasing anyone outside of the walls. Inside he continued with dangerous drops as dancers paraded about the stage, capes flying behind them. They were the best costumes I have ever, ever seen - Superwoman, Poison Ivy, Cat Woman - you name it, they all stood powerfully on different levels of the stage - not even the Joker or Lex Luthor could have taken this closing party down.

Even the planes flying overhead seemed to be zooming past at extra speed - everything screamed polished accomplishment, power and triumph. Behind the booth, '90s style workout videos egged on the crowd while smoke cannons made the hero theme come to life. The Martinez Brothers put on a display of their usual brotherly-magic, allowing no time for anyone to stand still. Grooving to their own track 'Stuff In The Trunk' ft. Miss Kittin, attitude poured from the boys, and the crowd got in there right alongside them, oozing swagger with each stamp of the foot.

The third spice was added by the exotic wonder that is Seth Troxler, who brought with him his usual firecesome acid-house stabs to spur on the now unstoppable crowd. Troxler is well-known for his dance moves and it all made sense as he got down to Brett Johnson's 'Temptation and Lies', a tune that takes funky vocals to the next level. Techno was then thrown into the mix with the likes of Josh Wink's 'Shoelaces' and Green Velvet's 'Flash' making an appearance, and the belters coming from the booth continued full throttle right the way through to 2 AM. I left feeling hyped up, pumped and ready for more - exactly how you should feel leaving a club that's celebrating yet another standout season. Outside, a man wearing a dress was dancing with a dog puppet, proof if needed, that you can find superheroes everywhere in Ibiza - thanks for the reminder, Ushuaïa. See you next year.

WORDS | Ruby Munslow

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