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Open date tickets + 3 free drinks at Amnesia for just 25 EUR

Including 3 free drinks - these tickets are valid for any party and cost just 25 EUR

These tickets are now sold out.

Amnesia has just announced a fantastic, mood-lifting offer of open-date tickets, valid for any party at the club up until 31st Oct 2021, including 3 free drinks and costing just 25 EUR, with the motto #keepthepartyalive.

The club stresses that their main concern is still the health and well-being of their team and their clubbers, but they want to put across the message that it doesn't matter when you join them... they will be there waiting for you, and will make sure that you enjoy it like never before.

Amnesia is a family business and we consider our clubbers and the island's inhabitants part of our family. We still don't know with certainty when we'll be able to open, but we know for sure that, when this is all over, we'll want to celebrate it together, with our family. This is why we created this campaign. We know that this will be a difficult season, but we won't give up without a fight.

There are two ticket options:

  1. The red ticket, which includes club entry plus 3 drinks and costs 25 EUR
  2. The gold ticket, which includes club entry plus 5 drinks and costs 45 EUR

These tickets are valid for any party, elrow, Paradise, Pyramid, the Opening/Closing, etc. You can choose literally any party - imagine spending a night at elrow with 3 drinks for just 25 EUR?!

There are only a limited amount available, so if you think you'd like a full night out at this legendary club for this incredible price, we recommend booking early.

These tickets are non-refundable, under any circumstances. Honestly we can't really imagine a situation in which Amnesia will not open during the next 18 months. But of course we can't guarantee it. No one can predict the future. But considering the price, we think this is a risk well worth taking. Bravo Amnesia.

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