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The Osiris, Ibiza Story

The family run Osiris Hotel in Ibiza's San Antonio Bay area

The family run Osiris Hotel in Ibiza's San Antonio Bay area is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It's been run by the same family for three generations now and is currently in the capable hands of Roberto Hortensius Portas y Alejandro Portas whose grandmother founded the hotel.

The story starts in 1956 when Antonia Prats Cardona, together with her children Maria, Pepe and Margarita opened an 11 room annex of the Bahia Hotel. Her husband declared at the time that tourism and hotels would never work in Ibiza but nevertheless with hard work and dedication Antonia was able to build her own hotel, The Osiris, in 1958.

The Osiris pool in 1964

At that time , it had only 19 rooms but grew gradually to include a bar, restaurant, swimming pool, reception and 97 rooms by 1967. These days the family are continually improving the Osiris and make changes every year. All the bathrooms have been modernised, lifts installed, all rooms are air-conditioned, and this winter all the doors are being upgraded to have electronic card locks for extra security.

Loungin' 1964 Style!

The family see the Osiris as a labour of love rather than just a business and believe that their attitude is transmitted to the staff, many of whom have been there for years and years, and to their clients. Many return again and again to the Osiris because of this 'personal touch' and now the grandchildren of some of the original guests still visit the hotel.

Congratulations to Roberto, Alejandro and their team for 50 years in business, and here's to 50 more.

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