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Kindle Ibiza Novel: A Sister for Margot

Looking for a downloadable stocking filler? Emma Clark Lam, former BBC Journalist and long standing fan of Ibiza releases her first novel and includes the Ibiza expat community.


Former BBC Journalist and long standing fan of Ibiza, Emma Clark Lam (above) has released her first novel "A Sister for Margot" on Amazon Kindle. Described by one reviewer as a 'family saga you can get lost in', much of the novel is set in Ibiza. Although fictional, is reported to pay tribute to the expat' community here on the island, including but not solely focused on the hedonistic lifestyle Ibiza is famed for.

The book took Emma Clark Lam ten years to complete and she then chose to release it directly to Amazon Kindle.

Emma Clark Lams grandmother, the late Jean Morton, herself a successful journalist and actress before retiring to Ibiza is credited with being Emma's inspiration. Much of the material for "A Sister for Margot" is thought to have been drawn from Jean Mortons life.

A sietrr for Margot Novel Emma Clark Lam

The storyline involves three women, across three generations. An actress in 1940's war torn Europe, a house-wife turned career woman and an orphan. Whilst we haven't read the book here ourselves at Ibiza Spotlight, the reviews have been positive with one observer commenting "readers out there who downloaded Fifty Shades of Grey decide to tax their brains and literary muscles a bit more and read something that's engaging AND well-written." (SLC, Amazon)

With the novel described on Amazon Kindle as "the three main characters continue to live with you long after you have finished the book" we would be interested to hear what you thought of it!

Emma Clark Lam currently resides in Henley-on-Thames with her husband (William) and two children but still visits Ibiza frequently.

"A Sister for Margot" (Link to Amazon Kindle) is currently priced at just £2.99 and has a perfect 5* rating on Amazon Kindle. Let us know your thoughts if you read the book.

Lead Photograph courtesy Eileen Unwin


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