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Viva Tennis Ibiza takes on the world

Spain v Rest of World annual match

Tennis fans will be pleased to see that Viva Tennis Ibiza is keeping up its traditions of taking on the world, with its annual Spain v the Rest of The World tournament which has just announced the winner for 2016.

The match, now in its 20th year, took place (after a few weather postponements of course) and saw the Rest of the World team win after a three year streak for Spain. Each team consisted of 11 club members, with the international team hailing from places like Germany, Great Britain, Argentina, Holland and Italy.

This year the competition involved three singles matches and 10 doubles ties, with 12 players per team. Each team has a captain who chooses the players from Viva Tennis Ibiza's club members, with Toni leading Spain and Martyn corralling the Rest of the World team.

The competition was made up of 13 matches, with nine games per match. In the first round, Spain got off to a great start winning all three opening games with a score of 5-1. In the second round the Rest of the World started to scored their first points courtesy of their Argentine doubles pairing and a very close singles victory, but were still 6-2 down early in the third round.

Getting into the final two games was the Rest of the World team's chance of being back into the race and following a couple of close battles, they sealed themselves a dramatic comeback and a final 7-6 victory.

To celebrate the hardly fought match, there were drinks and a barbecue in the club garden to reward everyone that took part in this fun day.

Viva Tennis Ibiza gives you top notch clay or grass courts, a great atmosphere, professional coaching and whenever you need a playing partner, they'll find you one. Next time you're here the ball's in your court to drop in on this cool tennis club.

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WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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