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The sublime Benirrás beach

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Where and what?

A spectacular cove with beautiful waters that comes with a side order of Ibiza's hippy vibe. This beach is also the location for the famous sunset drummers. Benirrás is a trip well worth it.

Why go?

Sunset at Benirrás with the "finger of God" in the distance

For the above mentioned drummers that do their thing every Sunday, just before the sun sets. A tribal sound, a throbbing energy and an amazing experience to immerse yourself in. At sunset, be sure to look out to sea to see the silhouette of the rock of Cap Bernat, also known as the “finger of God”. Swimming in the protected bay, with the pines to the back of you is a delicious experience.

Things to do

Platform with a view - by the fishermen's huts

Sometimes there's nothing nicer than to walk up to the fishermen's huts on the right and sit on the covered wooden platform - great for holiday paradise pictures. When you want a bite to eat, check out beach restaurant Elements, where there's juices, smoothies, great cocktails and massage too. After that, perhaps a dip into sea for some snorkelling and marvel at the views above.

How to get there

Benirrás beach lies in the north-west of Ibiza close to San Miguel. Whilst there's plenty of parking, in summer this fills up and you'll see the roads lined with parked cars the later you go. If you don't want the longer walk to the beach, get there early and spend the day.

Ibiza Spotlight Tip
For a leisurely cruise, sail from San Antonio on Excursiones Ibiza's Sunday sunset trip.

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