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Bangers and snaps from Octan’s closing fiesta

All the action from Sunday 6 October.

Last weekend Octan Ibiza waved goodbye to the summer with its season closing party. Not a club to do things by half measures, the venue opted for a 12-hour dusk 'til dawn affair, jam-packed full of DJing talent.

The club's two flagship parties, Warriors and Planet Claire were represented in the two main rooms, the former holding down The Basement and the latter controlling beats in The Lab.

Local squad Concept 101, British collective U OK HUN? and rave gang Homies were deployed elsewhere in the venue filled with more than 40 artists from across the underground spectrum.

We sent our staff photographer along to capture the madness, making note of the bangers and snaps from Octan's statement party.

Underground venues like Octan are gatekeepers of rave culture.

Gritty and raw, darkened rooms like this with massive sound systems and minimal strobe lighting are examples of clubs unspoilt by corporate sponsorship and commercialisation.

Focusing squarely on the dance floor, these buildings are the antithesis of VIP culture. Dancing all night long is the order of business. Any additional frills are a distraction from the primary function.

Heavily associated with the former occupants of the site, Octan already had an air of that mentality due to the venue's recent history.

But within only a few short weeks of opening, it emboldened that philosophy.

Fair pricing for admission and drinks, cultivating niche line-ups and promoting rising talent are all factors that contributed to the success of the inaugeral series.

Here are the bangers and snaps that paint a picture of the closing.

Darius Syrossian whips the party up with a towel and a dance floor heater

Fact: The Spectre room is wild. Anna Tur agrees

Only good vibes in the toilet with the U OK HUN? crew

Electro rhythms in the mix with Nicolas Lutz

Going off in the Basement

Chelina Manuhutu in a ravin' mood

Underground flexing from Lauren Lo Sung and East End Dubs

Wade: Hands in the air for ghetto house!

The Apollonia trio take it home

Having won the hearts of Ibiza's underground collective in a short space of time, Octan has built itself a launch pad for 2020. Brining together all the elements from its honed first season was a statement: this is who we are; this is what we do.

And this is only the beginning.

We can't wait until next summer to see what the venue that rose from the ashes does next. Please check our magazine feed for the all Ibiza club news as it happens.

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