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SPTL022 Get Physical Music

Showcase of the latest sounds from the pioneering German imprint.


1. KD030 - Findling & Lihab – Stay Down

2. GPM126 - Tim Green – Flote

3. GPM127 - Mendo & Danny Serrano – Atalaya

4. GPM126 - Tim Green - Old Sunshine

5. KD030 - Findling & Lihab – Reversed Trust

6. GPM125 - Booka Shade – Smoking Mirrors

7. GPM127 - Gavin Herlihy & James Barnsley – Right Here

8. GPM127 - Shonky – Bon Baiser De Bombay

9. GPM125 - Booka Shade – Bad Love (Extended Vocal Mix)


The name says it all:
Get Physical tracks could hardly be more moving and corporeal, brimming with new beats and sounds by up-and-coming talents.

Thanks to this emphasis, it has taken Get Physical less than four years to become one of the fastest risers and strongest brands of the international club scene.

The Berlin/Prenzlberg-based label is backed by a collective of six people, each of whom had a long-standing career in music before making their way from Frankfurt to the capital at the beginning of the new millennium:
Booka Shade alias Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier, M.A.N.D.Y. alias Patrick Bodmer and Philipp Jung and Thomas Koch aka DJ T. Gradual changes, like allowing other styles to join the mix and opening the label up to become today’s musical home for almost 20 artists from around the globe, go hand in hand with rising expectations, changed structures and new concepts. The label’s sound, too, continues to ramify and proliferate - it has become virtually impossible to squeeze their output into any style- or genre-related pigeonhole.

Club compatibility is an absolute must, as is a penchant for the atmospheric and an emotional intensity which invariably hit the nerve of the boiling dancefloor.

The crew of fifteen at Milastraße 2 consider themselves a true artist collective. By taking their sound and vision to the outside world, all members of this family, above all the label’s three in-house acts Booka Shade, M.A.N.D.Y. and DJ T., have contributed to the label’s exceptional reputation.

Ignore at your own peril!



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