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Top 5 Restaurants, 2012

Ibiza Spotlights Top 5 Restaurants for 2012 - including two island newcomers you should know about.

Not only does Ibiza do both super-clubs and chill-outs well but the island is also a celebration for foodies.

After a fantastic summer exploring the island from North to South, East to West, it is time to sit back and consider the Top 5 restaurants of 2012. We've made a point at having a dinner (or two - some were so good we went back!) at each of the restaurants and we're pleased to be able to recommend them to you.


Top 5 Restaurants Ibiza 2012 Sa Capella Romance

Sa Capella was an easy favorite for this category. Situated just outside San Antonio in an old Church, the entire evening from start to finish - staff, location, food - is perfection. With gentle lighting, luxurious table settings, an exquisitely considered, prepared and presented menu, served by a team that seem to have a sixth sense about what will make your night perfect, it is the number one place for celebrating both love of the heart and love of great food.

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Top 5 Restaurants Ibiza 2012 Sands Beach Bar Chill Out

Sands Beach Bar was an eye-opener and in the best possible way. I expected it to be a little bit snooty (lots of venues that cater to celebrities think they too are worthy of special status...) but instead walked into a fabulous venue that served good food, great cocktails and had a team of staff who were relaxed, down to earth and pleased to be friendly. This is not the place to rush your meal. Quite the contrary, sit back, sip your cocktail, check out the great views along Playa d'en Bossa, Ibiza's longest beach and keep your eyes open for the celebrity that slinks into the table beside you. Afterwards, take your drink across to the sofa's, use the free wi-fi and post those holiday snaps before you get back to... chilling out!

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Value for Money.

Top 5 Restaurants Ibiza 2012 Giri Cafe Sant Joan Value for Money

The Giri Cafe in Sant Joan in the north of the island wins this one hands down. A big restaurant with a small kitchen they've been berated for slow service but the venue, the meal and the staff make it a place to know. Plus, with truly exquisite cocktails this is a venue to sit back and enjoy to the max. Expecting a whopping bill for such a great night, it was refreshingly inexpensive. Highly recommended!

Full review of the Giri Cafe.

Quick Pit Stop.

Top 5 Restaurants Ibiza 2012 Sushiya Aoyama Sushi

Sushiya Aoyama, a small but top-notch sushi bar takes the trophy for being wowed when you're short on time. In fact this author has been known to try and find excuses to be in Ibiza Town just to stop by. With dishes prepared before you by Tokyo Sushi Academy Chef, Hideki Aoyama, you can either sit at the bar or stroll outside into the extensive court-yard tucked right up against Dalt Vila and enjoy what is possibly the best sushi on the island. If you do decide to hang out for the night and eat until you can eat no more, the bill is surprisingly reasonable.

Review of Sushiya Aoyama (reservation now recommended - the word's getting out)


Top 5 Restaurants Ibiza 2012 Bambuddha Grove

Bambuddha Grove. An island and this authors favourite, Bambuddha Grove has a hint of everything and all of it is done exceptionally well. Visually the restaurant unfailingly ensures a few "wows!" from first time visitors and it gets better from there. With an extensive menu covering Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, delicious cocktails and excellent service Bambuddha Grove is the place for friends, lovers and ... well, any excuse really. If you've only got one night to really take time out to enjoy a fantastic meal, Bambuddha Grove should definitely be considered (and then come back to Ibiza soon to check out the rest!)

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Missed the Mark but Worthy of Mention.

One name that really should have been on the list if we were only looking at fantastic food in a beautiful setting is Atzaro - both the Hotel and the new Beach Bar in Cala Nova. Credit to the chefs of both locations, the food is truly worthy of mention. However, the service was so far below par that regrettably we can't say "Go! You'll have a fantastic time!" because chances are too great that you won't. If that changes we'll be pleased to let you know. In the meantime Atzaro Chefs, thanks for the food - you at least did yourselves and the venues proud!

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