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NEWS| International food special in Ibiza Town

Special fixed price menus

Launching today and for only five days (4-8 December) there's a special set menu on offer for just €18 featuring dishes from around the world. Ibiza Town Council is organising the event, Mosdemón in association with ten participating restaurants.

With two national holidays on Monday and Tuesday next week, it's a great way to try some great food amongst the island residents, who will be relaxing and taking advantage of the time off - so you can make like a local.

There's a series of menus which include starter, main and dessert for the price, with cuisines that include those of Argentina, Morocco, Italy, the US, France and even Transylvania. There'll be local Ibiza food as well as regions of Spain too. Restaurants that are participating include Sa Gresca, Sa Casola, All Ibiza, Ca n'Alfredo, Ke Kafé, La Cava, Can Moreta, Central Park and Peter Pan.

As well as this gastronomic campaign there will be several events including a theatrical visit of Dalt Vila on Saturday 5 December at 6pm and then a guided visit of Puig des Molins on Sunday 6 December at 11am. Both are in Spanish, though you will be able to join in in the spirit of things.

On 5 and 6 December, it's the last days of ‘The beach is always open' (La playa está abierta) event which includes several ativities on the beach of Talamanca. For the final two days there's paddlesurf, handball, beach paddle and even some storytelling.

There's plenty to do and you get an around the world foodie trip at a price that's hard to beat. Enjoy.

WORDS: Julian Heathcote

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