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Kumharas sunset sessions with Sasha

Ibiza's special sunset restaurant

Staring out at the beautiful sunset at the legendary Kumharas is a thing in itself. This season, the beach bar and restaurant is continuing with its live Ibiza Sonica radio Sunset Sessions with the annoncement that the equally legendary DJ Sasha will be there to do them with dates lined up starting on 30 June.

From 8pm onwards, free entry and for four dates until 25 August, Sasha will be at the decks accompanying you as you sip a cocktail looking out at the magnificent San Antonio Bay. There you can listen to a master at work: Sasha has one of the longest, most successful careers of any DJ in town and if you are around, this is the place to head to. For anyone that doesn't know, the DJ has a long history with Ibiza, having played at Ushuaia when it was but a beach bar and holding many residencies there, ever since. No surprise for this level of superstar DJ.

Kumharas makes for the perfect setting for the Sunset Sessions, with its three different areas. The chill-out area, the bar lounge and the restaurant combine for a magical setting. Here, you'll find a melting pot of cultures, amazing drinks and food in a rich and exotically decorated space. With strong hippy roots, the place showcases talent from all backgrounds from African dance to percussion workshops to Flamenco.

This summer, Sasha will be playing in many of the big Ibiza super clubs, though here, at Kumharas, you'll get the chance to see him up close and personal in a venue closer to his Ibiza beginnings. It's a great opportunity to get one of those original Ibiza feelings, and as Sasha noted in our interview last year: There's something about Ibiza that does pull a very creative bunch of people and there's an amazing energy here. We hope he knows this includes the man himself.

Ibiza Sonica Sunset Sessions presents: Sasha


So, make your way to Kumharas for one of the hottest tickets in town.

WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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