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A haven of relaxed luxury at 7Pines Resort Ibiza

You'll lose yourself completely at this five-star holiday resort.


For those that love privacy and exclusivity, the 7Pines Resort Ibiza does not fail to impress. The entrance way might fool you, having a distinctly understated look. Believe us when we tell you that it doesn't prepare you for what you see when you go in: just driving up to reception signals the start of something special.

We loved having our car parked and then turning around to the incredible view of the sea and the isle of Es Vedrà. If you were paying for this view alone, it would be worth it. Thankfully the hotel makes sure that your stay offers lots of extra special value on top.

A view of one of the buildings in the "Ibicenco village"

7Pines Resort Ibiza probably offers what is one of the most privileged views of the island: long, sweeping, dramatic. It's a vista that will make you weep with happiness.

The main accommodation is within theIbicenco village", with white-painted cubist buildings. It's a most definite luxury version of an Ibizan settlement, though with a homely feel. You still have enough of the privacy one would associate with a five-star hotel with an added air of conviviality, with guests greeting you as you walk past. A sense of peace, of being away from it all are the hallmarks of this place and the isolation really is splendid.

On the inside

On the inside of the rooms, you will encounter smartly designed and relaxed living spaces. A nice touch are the big bar fridges with proper sized bottles, not the tiny ones. There are snacks too, all locally produced and of high quality.

Rooms come in a variety of forms and at several price points, dependent on size and location within the holiday resort. A one-bedroomed apartment is ideal for couples' romantic trips away or there are two-bedroomed duplexes that are great for a family gathering.

By the main pool with incredible views and sunken sunbeds

If money is no object, the Cliff Suites are for you, offering uninterrupted vistas of that sea view. The Laguna is a self-contained area with more rooms and a pool for children, so if you are bringing any, this makes a delightful enclave.

Design cues for the hotel buildings come seemingly from the modernism movement, with all of them facing the sea in a long line. Walking past the infinity pool, the first thing you notice is its see through glass edge, which guests are turning into their own Instagram sensation, posting pictures of themselves viewed through the end. An unexpected fun touch that's perfect for our times.

Welcome all

Nautical pleasures at the Pershing Yacht Terrace

It's worth pointing out that people who aren't staying here can use facilities of the hotel too and that's great if you want a five-star 7Pines experience...and who wouldn't? Special packages are on offer for non-guests for food and drink, which can be served direct to your sunbed. All the restaurants are public as is the magnificent Pure Seven spa. More of which later. If you want to feel like a Jet Setter for a day, come here.

Next to reception is the Pershin Yacht Terrace, where you can chill out before or after check in or simply roll along for pre-dinner cocktails. Guests can enjoy yacht hire from the hotel with three different sized boats (their own) available. How wonderfully convenient.

Outside at the "The View", early evening

Of the great gastronomic offer, first you can start your day with breakfast at the aptly named The View restaurant will be very energising. You will feel like you're eating life, not just food. It turns into a restaurant at night serving Asian-influenced food for a nice touch of exotic when it comes to food choices.

Below this restaurant is the Cone Club, a gorgeously decorated eaterie that serves Mediterranean cuisine, taking you on a culinary journey from the shores of Spain to the Levant. It's beautifully smart, yet chilled and casual enough to remind you that this is a holiday. Sharing plates are the way here to match the informality.

Fitness and wellbeing for all

The spa, wellness centre and gym are immense. Inside the building that houses them, you'll also find a stylish boutique, perfect for a post-workout browse perhaps. Inside the main room, high-tech “Icaros” machines offer a full core workout in only ten minutes. Be aware that whilst the time might be short, the effort is not. Still, no time wasting on the machines means you can idle the time away on one of the big sofas inside and on the sun terrace between reps.

Yoga classes are offered to guests (and the public) with a monthly full moon yoga special and various regular classes. A terrific way to salute the sun or moon. Upstairs, a honeycomb of treatment rooms offering items like massage and beauty treatments are the essence of Zen; there's a smart hairdresser too and everything you need to keep body and mind in tip top shape.

Brush and polish in the luxurious spa

You may find that the oasis-like nature of 7Pines Resort Ibiza means you won't need to leave this luxury holiday resort. When you do, the beautiful beaches Cala Conta and Cala Tarida are nearby as is Cala Bassa, some of the island's most beautiful stretches of sand. Closeness to the resorts of San José and San Antonio gives access to more restaurants, a world of water activities, nightlife, bars and everything else you might need.

Many of those that stay here come for a different type of Ibiza holiday, one of escape and adventure. After a day out sightseeing, it must be a comforting thought that you'll be returning to 7Pines Resort Ibiza, rest your head and unwind.

After a stay here, you'll go back home ready to conquer the world, so check out the 7Pines Resort Ibiza today.

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