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Ibiza Spotlight Weekly News 2020 ep05

Santa Eulalia has a rich gastronomic heritage, from pavement cafés to world-class restaurants. We gave Katie some cash and told her not to come back until she was full.

Hi everyone, I'm Katie Knight and welcome back to Ibiza Spotlight News. We're back on the road again and, this week, we are going to be exploring the coastline around Santa Eulalia, focusing on the town's fantastic gastronomic scene.

Santa Eulalia is the third-largest town in Ibiza and has a calm, sedate atmosphere. There's a high density of restaurants in the area, all in some amazing locations: from pavement cafes, to five-star hotels - the town offers cuisine from all around Spain and also from the rest of the world.

So, my friend Esther and I are starting the day with a lovely, plant-based brunch, here at the healthy Ve Café, on the promenade of Santa Eulalia bay, before taking you on a guided tour around the gastronomic hot spots of this town and its surrounding area.

Esther and I have just travelled along the coastline from Babylon Beach to Niu Blau, where we stopped for some delicious iced teas and fresh lemonades, expertly blended by Yuri at SoulGood beach bar.

Next, we're off to the bohemian Aiyanna, at the end of Cala Nova for some seafood snacks and to relax a little in the fresh breeze.

We're back at S'Argamassa, home of Nikki Beach, to enjoy some imaginative sushi creations from chef Thierry Zaragoza and maybe a cocktail or two...

We've just landed on the Radio ME Ibiza rooftop bar and the views from here are absolutely incredible. The cocktails are perfectly blended and, if you haven't gone to check out the Origins restaurant downstairs, then you've got to do so.

The town has recently had a lift, with the arrival of two high-profile A-class Spanish restaurateurs: Martín Berasategui and Nandu Jubany. Berasategui, the owner of 10 Michelin star restaurants worldwide, runs the Etxeko restaurant at Bless hotel, taking you on a gastronomic voyage through his native Basque Country with a selection of degustation menus. While the Catalan Jubany has established El Pecador, which is located on the beach at Santa Eulalia bay and serves up sinful menus, bursting with local produce.

Tonight, we've been invited for dinner at the sophisticated CBbC restaurant, located in the Marina of Santa Eulalia, a restaurant that I've never been to before, but I've heard so much about, so I'm really excited to go and check it out.

That's it from us this week. Thank you for watching and remember to follow us on social media and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

We'll be putting all of the links to all of the places that we visited today in the description below and I'll see you next time. Bye!

Katie Knight styled by Religion

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