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East coast glamour at Nikki Beach Ibiza

Checking in to this beach club introduces you to an abundance of comfort, elegance and great parties.


Why go? To dine or party like the jet-set

What kind of food is it? A fusion of Mediterranean, Asian and Caribbean food

Who is it for? Those that love glamour, a spirited buzz and endless champagne

Can anyone go? For sure - and do look out for the excellent special offers and promotions

Best table? Go for one directly in front of the pool for a little more tranquillity

the venue

Leave your keys with the valet parking attendant, step through the pristine white facade and you enter the daytime adult playground that is Nikki Beach Ibiza beach club, on the seafront at S'Argamassa close to Santa Eulalia. Expansive wooden decks, a large pool, an abundance of comfortable day-beds, sofas, cushions and umbrellas and subtle hints of Native American culture are the trademark images that greet visitors.

A palm-covered, octagonal cocktail bar, from where guests can chill and the DJ can direct proceedings, completes the picture. Nikki Beach has successfully exported its Ocean Drive, Miami template to 13 other exotic locations around the world. It's a concept that obviously works, attracting glamorous clients to relax and let their hair down.

the ambience

There are good-time vibes aplenty at Nikki Beach Ibiza. Entertainment varies from DJs to live musicians, dancers, pool parties, and champagne and rose wine promotions. It's a place where there's a certain level of privacy and seclusion, where you feel that this part of the coast is all yours, from the shimmering blue pool, to the glimmer of the turquoise sea just beyond.

Luxury, jet-setters, trendsetters, the glitterati - all come here to choose their own mix of eating, lazing in the sun and dancing when the mood takes you. Or you can relax while you have a beachside beauty treatment or suck on a shisha. when you pass through the velvet rope cordon into Nikki Beach Ibiza you enter a world of VIP luxury. Service is extremely attentive with your comfort and enjoyment part of the aura of being being here.

A series of different events take place each day, with pool parties and the annual and uber glam White Party. Unlimited champagne at Grl Pwr, on Tuesdays - just for the girls - and the weekly Amazing Sundays champagne brunch means many can enjoy this bit of luxury for a fixed price.

The food

You'll be fighting over the Saint Barth salmon rolls

The diverse menu is represented by the addition of local and Spanish specialities, the fish stew bullit de peix and Valencian fish paella, arroz a banda. The menu offers a host of enticing sushi options that are perfect for sharing. We were treated to the Saint Barth salmon rolls, filled with cucumber, cream cheese, teriyaki sauce, a crispy slice of fried eel and fresh salmon. This left us with the inevitable scramble between three diners to avoid being the one who misses out on a piece.

We absolutely loved the superfood “Summer Bowl”, a colourful salad with 11 different fruits and vegetables like yellow beetroot, papaya and sweet potato. Every mouthful was different and took us to happy heights. a “Miami Beach” chicken Caesar salad was respectful to the Cardini original and had a perfectly light and creamy sauce

Colour me happy: 11 different fruit and vegetables in the Summer Bowl salad

Main courses are generally light and ideal for consuming on hot summer afternoons. From the rotisserie we chose a succulent chicken wrap, loaded with vegetables, cheese and alioli; a crispy sea bass fillet, served on top of steamed asparagus, baby carrots and broccoli; a creamy ricotta and spinach ravioli completed the trio. It was impossible to agree on a favourite dish, as each plate was impeccably prepared.

Having already eaten so heartily we chose to share a dessert, which turned out to be an inspired decision. The seasonal fruit minestrone was the freshest way to round off such a healthy meal and there was plenty for sharing. The finely diced mix of summer fruits, drenched in organic mango juice and topped off with a homemade lemon and basil sorbet and a mint tuille, was absolute perfection.

The crispy sea bass fillet

Naturally, Nikki Beach Ibiza offers a wide range of wines champagnes and sparkling wines to accompany its cuisine. In Ibiza they are mainly of French, Spanish and Italian origin and its house wine selections are particularly good. We sampled the house Chateau de la Clapière Côtes de Provence Rosé, the Castillo Ducay Crianza Red and a Verdejo Viura white. All three were exceptional choices and are available for a fraction over €40 a bottle.

Nikki Beach Ibiza is for a glamorous day or evening and oozes style and sophistication. With a series of great offers at the various events, most people can get access to luxury here and enjoy it immensely on the way.

Get fresh with the seasonal fruit minestrone dessert

Ibiza Spotlight tip

Summer Lovers from 11:00 every Wednesday gets you a beach bed, pool access and a two-course menu, featuring the beach club's signature dishes for just €50 ahead.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Peter Young and María Sanchez

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