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Fun activities to do on Ibiza right now

Here's just some of the cool activities you can try during the end of the summer season on Ibiza.

With the summer season ending you might be forgiven for thinking that after the clubs have closed their doors, the island does too. Not so. In fact October is one of the best times to visit Ibiza for nice sunny days without the impact of full summer heat.

Lower temperatures also bring more opportunities to get into activities or if you are a sports' enthusiast, to push yourself a little harder without passing-out. Generally, it's a very pleasant month to visit because there are fewer tourists, so you get to see a side of Ibiza few others do.

Ibiza isn't just about beach days and lounging around the pool, though they're fun too. For now, here's a round up of what to do this month on both land and sea.

On land

Safari bound around Ibiza in a jeep

A trip on the Ibiza Jeep Safari is a great way to explore the island over unforgiving terrain, unlock secret roads and discover scenic views that otherwise you would not normally get to see as the routes are only accessible by jeep. See the island's wild side.

Or if you prefer a more relaxed day of discovery, the Tourist Train can take you over the hills and through Ibiza's stunning countryside on the quiet roads, whilst you sit back and enjoy the comfort of the carriage. Some of these go to the famous hippy markets and to beautiful beaches too - a great way to see lots in a short time.

See amazing sites like "Ibiza Henge" on walking trips or from your kayak

Perhaps you want an adrenaline fix. A quad and buggy excursion provides three-hours of heart racing fun deep in the Ibizan countryside. See amazing sights like Puerto de los Cielos, beaches or sunset at the incomparable Punta Galera. What's not to like?

Sometimes you don't want an engine to explore: your two legs and an appetite for adventure is often enough. Walking Ibiza has multiple routes all across the island, where you can see some great sites like old lime kilns, disused clubs or even the mesmeric "Ibiza Henge". Whichever route you take, you can expect many different treasures on each one as well of course as some amazing coastal views and nature.

Cycle routes for you to take at your own pace

If cycling is your thing and you want to decide how much of a sweat you break, electric bike tours with Coyma Sunride are ideal. You can pedal as with a regular bike and then if that steep hill is too much, let the electrics kick in and whizz you up. You can go solo or as a big group and tours range from four to seven hours, so you can choose your intensity too.

Or you can go old-school and leave the motor at the home with Tracks de Ibiza and take the challenge of a cycling route designed by an Olympic athlete. You can either mountain bike, road cycle or walk on a course that can be completed over three-days or four. It's the ultimate endurance test, though you can go at your own pace. Just advise on your ability and fitness level.

Sometimes that weather doesnt permit being outdoors, though don't despair. Escape Rooms Ibiza is a fun indoor activity all can take part in. You'll have 60-minutes to solve clues, crack codes and eventually escape from your themed room. For anyone who fancies themselves a detective, this is for you. Plus kids love it too.

On water

Glide and splash on a Stand Up Paddle

Water borne activities are great to be doing right now. Sup Paradise Ibiza offers a fantastic way to discover hidden coastal wonders on a Stand Up Paddle board, whilst socialising and yes exercising. Oh and not to forget the welcome cocktail included in the price. Perfect. With the sea a little less hectic on the surface, under the water things get a little busier. Scuba Diving is ideal all year round. Ibiza's marine life is plentiful - see it for yourself with Scuba Ibiza Diving Centre.

Kayaking is another great water activity that combines exercise, exploration and entertainment. Kayak Ibiza will take you around stunning cliff faces and through mysterious caves and you'll do wonders for your upper body strength.

Going under reveals a side of Ibiza that's as rich as on the land

If you're a bit of a maverick who wants to lead their own adventure, you could always hire a boat. Some require no license or previous experience so you can take off with friends or family on your own nautical adventure. All it requires is a short introduction by an expert skipper, then you'll be on your way.

Formentera is certainly busy during peak season. In October, the weather is a touch cooler and more than warm enough to enjoy a day at the beach and get a tan. There are bus routes all around the island, so you can go around and explore the place yourself. And, with Aquabus's great low cost ferry it doesnt have to be an expensive trip over.

Head to Ibiza Spotlight's Things to do page to see all the different things you can do during your Ibiza stay. On this island: the fun never stops.

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